My Mountain

2015 Neon installation Centre for International Light Art Unna Photo: Sergé Technau

  • 60 red neon tubes 1.5 x 200 x 300 cm, steel and transformers
  • Client: Kemme + Co Art Consultancy
  • My Mountain is currently on loan at Museum Energeticon Alsdorf, Germany


‘… The energy of countless miners is channeled into Ramaekers red massif of light and seems to be an ode to the unimaginable forces that were bundled here to topographically shape a region and tell the story of an entire era.’

Christiane Hahn 2018 from the catalogue ‘Down here – up there’ © 2018 Zentrum für Lichtkunst Unna, Wienand Verlag Köln, exhibition ‘Kunst und Kohle’ an exhibition project of the Ruhr Kunst Museen on the end of coal mining in Germany.